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Bridgewood Pavers

Bridgewood Firepit

Bridgewood-the concrete wooden plank..

When it comes to landscaping your back yard, an early choice is between a wooden deck and a stone patio. We all love the look and feel of wood but not the maintenance involved.

Thankfully Barkman Concrete has created the Bridgewood paver. It’s one of their premium slabs with all the character of wood and the strength of concrete. Using actual wood planks to create the molds, it gives a great wood texture.

Bridgewood patio

Maintenance free..

Wood decks will always need to be stained or sealed at some point. Stamped concrete will always crack one day. The Bridgewood paver allows you to have the best of both worlds, the warm feel and a maintenance free back yard.

In our climate here in Winnipeg, wood surfaces always struggle with the weather. With the concrete Bridgewood you will never have to worry about slithers on bare feet.

Bridgewood insideVersatility..

The product comes in three different sizes and two different colours, providing so much versatility. Stonehenge can install the paver for sidewalks, pathways, patios, stepping stones and even inside your home.

It has fast become one of our favourite pavers to install. The possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the product. Or to schedule a consultation for your own installation of this great product.


Bridgewood sidewalk













Bridgewood landscapebridgewood stepping stones















Feel free to check out the spec sheet Barkman

provides for more detailed info on their product.

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Natural stone

Natural stone


Lee River natural stone patio

Lee River is a beautiful part of Manitoba to create a natural stone patio. We used Arborg Buff stone, supplied by our friends at Mariash Quarry.

It has a natural smooth surface, top and bottom. The stone has a buff white colour. The quarry is located just north of Winnipeg in Stony Mountain.

Irregular steps

The complete design had four elements;


  • a pathway from the residence to the steps
  • the Rosetta irregular steps
  • the two patio areas
  • and the Dimensional steps at the river bank

We combined the natural stone with the Rosetta range supplied by Barkman. It creates a unique look and also provides the strength and versatility required to build a long lasting design.

The irregular steps allowed us to slightly curve the main steps. While the Dimensional steps gave us the structure required to build into the river bank.


Dimensional steps

River bank step’s

Some of the best designs are also the hardest to create. Our customer wanted to step straight into the water from his river bank, so we made it happen for him.

Working in the water to install the steps was not an easy task. Our experienced crew were able to complete the task.

Unique Design

Using various materials is what landscaping is all about. A great design that brings all the elements together is crucial. At Stonehenge we are proud to design and then build peoples dreams.

Riverfront patio

For more information or advice please to contact us

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Pave your way to a Beautiful Home


When you get down to it, whatever you decide to pave; the driveway, front walk, steps, patio and other pathways leading to your home are among the best ways to make a good first impression on guests, prospective buyers and yourself, every time you come home.

As an increasing number of homeowners are discovering, the best materials for such things are inter-locking concrete pavers. There are a great number of reasons behind the success of concrete pavers:

  1. They are beautiful. They come in many shapes and colors, patterns and formats.
  2. Don’t crack like asphalt or poured-in-place concrete. Each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking.
  3. Are easy to repair. You can remove and reinstate the same pavers with no ugly patches after repairs to the base or underground utilities.  Other pavements can’t make this claim.
  4. Resist deterioration from freeze-thaw cycles and deicing salts better than other surfaces. Snow removal is the same as with other pavements.
  5. Resist oil and antifreeze that leak from cars, making the pavers particularly good for driveways.
  6. Can accommodate lighting fixtures that fit right into the paver pattern. The lighting defines patios, walkways, and driveways at night, increasing safety and adding a bit of mystique to your home.
  7. Can define and enlarge space for planting beds.

Professional contractors can complete a high-quality job quickly and safely because they have the right equipment and materials.  In addition, when you use an ICPI Certified Installer, you know the project is built according to industry guidelines.

Finding a great product from a local supplier, also ensures you are investing in a product that meets industry standards and also helps the local economy.

Contact us today for your own free estimate and lets see how we can help pave a way to your own beautiful home.