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Why choose interlocking pavers?

Pavers Vs Concrete… Are you thinking of replacing your driveway, sidewalk, or patio? Usually you will consider two very different materials; pavers and concrete. In this blog post we will discuss the benefits of selecting pavers when considering your landscape needs.   Durability… The obvious issue with concrete material is that the concrete can be […]

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Choosing a landscaper

Hiring a landscaper… Choosing the right landscaper for your project requires careful thought. The design stage of the landscaping process directly affects everything that follows. Whether you’re considering a complete landscape overhaul or a small sidewalk install, finding the right landscaper for your project is critical.   Basic checklist… Any company you are considering employing […]

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Bridgewood Pavers

Bridgewood-the concrete wooden plank.. When it comes to landscaping your back yard, an early choice is between a wooden deck and a stone patio. We all love the look and feel of wood but not the maintenance involved. Thankfully Barkman Concrete has created the Bridgewood paver. It’s one of their premium slabs with all the […]

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Natural stone

Lee River natural stone patio Lee River is a beautiful part of Manitoba to create a natural stone patio. We used Arborg Buff stone, supplied by our friends at Mariash Quarry. It has a natural smooth surface, top and bottom. The stone has a buff white colour. The quarry is located just north of Winnipeg […]

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Low maintenance

The common theme and request when designing landscapes with our clients, is for low maintenance. With busy lives, families and careers, homeowners these days find it increasingly difficult to spend their precious free time maintaining their yards. As a homeowner who wouldn’t enjoy a vibrant and colorful garden just outside their window? But while a landscaped […]

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Pave your way to a Beautiful Home

When you get down to it, whatever you decide to pave; the driveway, front walk, steps, patio and other pathways leading to your home are among the best ways to make a good first impression on guests, prospective buyers and yourself, every time you come home. As an increasing number of homeowners are discovering, the […]