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Why choose interlocking pavers?

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Pavers Vs Concrete…

Are you thinking of replacing your driveway, sidewalk, or patio? Usually you will consider two very different materials; pavers and concrete. In this blog post we will discuss the benefits of selecting pavers when considering your landscape needs.


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The obvious issue with concrete material is that the concrete can be greatly affected by ground movement, in particular huge swings in temperature that we experience here in Manitoba. This can cause the concrete to split and leave unfortunate cracks in the concrete. If the ground continues to move over time, the concrete slabs will no longer remain level and could provide multiple hazards and potential drainage issues.

Interlocking pavers are designed to withstand ground movement and can tolerate the change in climate throughout the year. Generally when the ground moves, the pavers will flex and move together. When the ground beneath them re-settles the pavers usually return to their original position with no obvious issue. Any pavers that do require adjusting can easily be removed and installed again, the same cannot be said for a huge piece of concrete cracked in two.


After durability, the next question for homeowners is ongoing maintenance after installation. The initial install of concrete will provide a generally low level of maintenance. Once the concrete cracks after install the initial cost is quickly forgotten.  Weeds can grow up through cracks in the slabs, while there is also ongoing safety concerns with potential trip hazards. If concrete doesn’t crack it can often settle over time, causing issues when the driveway meets the garage or city street.

Along with the cracking of concrete, problems can arise with staining of the concrete. Power washing can sometimes remove stains, and patching cracks offers a short band aid, but these types of minor eyesores usually grow over the lifespan of your concrete.

Interlocking stones are also a concrete product so they too can crack given the right conditions. Any pavers that do crack or need adjusting due to shifting can easily be lifted/removed from the impacted area and replaced. At Stonehenge the installation of pavers always comes with a 2 year warranty. As a homeowner it is comforting to know that multiple years down the line you do have a alternative solution with pavers. While with concrete your only choice is to pay a contractor thousands of dollars to break out and remove your cracked concrete driveway or sidewalk.


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Cost & Value…

When starting with cost it is important to look past upfront costs and consider long term investment. Plain concrete will cost less upfront but higher costs for repairs and potential removal will far outweigh any initial savings. Interlocking stones are incredibly durable and as discussed easy to remove and replace if required. The lifespan of pavers will always surpass a poured concrete pad.

In terms of adding value to your home, you should always choose stone pavers over concrete. Concrete generally doesn’t add to your curb appeal and rarely increases property value. Pavers will nearly always increase curb appeal and if so desired attract potential home buyers, so they do add significant value to your property.


Its widely accepted that pavers are considered more attractive than concrete and add more curb appeal to your home. They are also available in many different styles, sizes, patterns, and colors, which provides various options when looking at design. As discussed previously it is also very easy to fix, clean or replace interlocking stones. Concrete costs can be high when making alterations or fixing issues.

Making the choice…

Every home owner will have their own priorities when it comes to landscaping. This choice usually includes concrete or pavers. Factors like durability, maintenance, cost, value and appearance will all factor into making that choice. Concrete is an option chosen by many, but pavers will always offer the best value in the long term if you’re willing to invest the upfront cost. Stonehenge has been serving Winnipeg and the surrounding areas for many years, we would love to help you in your paver installations and all you landscaping needs.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions or to book a free consultation.


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